Mar 19

Wet or dry, it gets better with age

Wet AgingIf you’ve been to a steakhouse lately, you probably heard about the benefits of dry-aging meat, where the natural enzymes break down, tenderize and concentrate the flavors of red meat. These days, it’s a common treatment in steakhouses, though it does make your steak more expensive, since dry-aged meat loses weight to dehydration and needs to be trimmed before you can cook and serve it.

What you might not know is that the same sort of improvements in tenderness happen during the passage of time inside a chilled (NOT frozen!), vacuum-sealed package every time Aussie beef and lamb makes the ocean journey here to the U.S. from Down Under.

Many ex-pats from Oz are impressed by the quality of the Aussie beef and lamb they find here in America. It’s the same product they get back home, but noticeably more tender and tasty just from the aging process. Now you can add Aussie beef and lamb to the list of things that get better with age; cheese, wine and #aussome Aussie meat.

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