An #Aussome end to summertime Back-to-School

Isn’t it time for these kids to be back in school, and get into a nice, steady routine? Eat easy and delicious with pasture-raised lamb or grassfed beef from Australia - and “own” your back to school mealtime.


Aussie grassfed beef is not only delicious, it's economical. Check out this great Back to School recipe for meatloaf (with hidden veggies!) that can then be stretched into two more meals. Perfect for this busy time of year! 

click to watch video Aussie Beef 3 Ways
Main Meal Hidden Veggie & Aussie Grassfed Beef Meatloaf
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Stretch meal #2 Italian Meatloaf Wrap
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Stretch meal #3 Chili Cheese Nachos
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When you're cooking lean Aussie lamb, you can't just have it one night. It's too good! Try this Australian spin on classic Sloppy Joeys (get it? Joeys?), and then stretch it into two more meals. Great for those busy school nights.

click to watch video Aussie Lamb 3 Ways
Main Meal Aussie Lamb Sloppy Joeys
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Stretch meal #2 Cheesy Aussie Lamb Quesadillas
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Stretch meal #3 Aussie Lamb Tater Tot Casserole
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lunch planner

lunch planner

#beaussome this school year with our Lunch Planner, which highlights 5 days of healthy meals. The perfect way to start this school year off with a bang. 

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So what's for dinner?

So what's for dinner?

Use this guide to create a healthy, balanced and flavorful plate for your next dinner.

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make burgers with the kids Kids Burger Recipe


Lean Australian beef and lamb make a delicious and healthy choice for beefing up you and your family's high-quality protein needs -- a pure product from a pure environment providing a host of essential nutrients and minerals for good health.

Turkish-Style Aussie Lamb Flatbread
Aussie Grassfed Beef Taco Soup
Down Under Mac n' Cheese
Carb-free Grassfed Beef Lasagna
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a great video recipe for the fam making spaghetti with kids
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Explore Australia for kids!

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